Proxy Forms

Stockholders may submit their proxies in lieu of personal attendance at the stockholders’ meetings. If the proxy is being signed by an authorized signatory, please attach a duly notarized power of attorney (in case of individual stockholder) or a certified board resolution (in case of corporate stockholders) as proof of authorization to execute the proxy.

For shares held for the benefit of another person (i.e. brokers/dealers), a certification under oath that the written consent of the beneficial owner/s of the shares covered by the proxy has/have been secured must be attached to the proxy.

Proxies executed abroad must be duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consular Office.

Proxies may be effective for a maximum period of five (5) years.

Attached as reference are sample form documents (Proxy, Special Power of Attorney, Secretary’s Certificate and Certification Under Oath). Please note that the foregoing forms are being provided merely for informational purposes and/or in order to assist the company’s stockholders. The company may solicit proxies if it has been given clearance to do so by the Securities and Exchange Commission

To view and/or download the sample forms, please click on the files below.