Under what stock exchange is First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPHC) listed?

FPHC is listed under the Philippine Stock Exchange, under the stock symbol FPH.

When was FPHC's shares of stock listed?

FPHC’s common shares was first listed at the PSE on May 23, 1963.  Most recently on April 30, 2008, FPHC listed its Perpetual Preferred Shares at the PSE under the stock symbol FPHP.

How do I invest in FPHC's shares of stock?

To buy FPHC shares in the Philippine stock market, you need to have a stockbroker licensed by the PSE. For more details about the PSE, please go to

If you are new in stock investments, please refer to our Primer on Investing and Owning Shares of Stock.

When does FPHC hold its annual stockholders' meeting?

Pursuant to FPHC’s By-Laws, the annual stockholders’ meeting is held every last Monday of May.  Before the scheduled meeting, a stockholder is expected to receive the following:  (1) notice of meeting and agenda, (2) proxy form, and (3) a copy of FPHC’s Definitive Information Statement duly submitted to the SEC.

A proxy form enables a stockholder who cannot attend to be represented during the meeting by his authorized proxy.  Proxy forms should be submitted to the Corporate Secretary not less than three (3) working days before the scheduled stockholders’ meeting.

What are the types of shares issued by FPHC and what are their basic features?

FPHC’s capital stock is composed of its common and perpetual preferred shares.

FPHC’s common shares have a par value of P10, have voting rights, and participate in dividends.

FPHC’s perpetual preferred shares have a par value of P100, have a gross dividend rate of 8.7231% for five years beginning April 30, 2008, are cumulative, non-participating, and non-voting.  The dividends on the preferred shares are subject to 10% final withholding tax for resident individual investors and non for resident corporate investors.

What is FPHC's total outstanding stock?

As of August 31, 2012, FPHC has 548,849,567 outstanding shares of common stock and 43,000,000 perpetual preferred shares of stock.

Who is FPHC's stock transfer agent?

FPHC’s stock transfer agent is Securities Transfer Services, Inc. (STSI).  For contact information, please refer to our Corporate Directory.

Who are the stockholders of FPHC?

Lopez Holdings Corporation (formerly Benpres) owns 44.26% of FPHC’s common (voting) shares of stock, while the investing public owns the balance.

For more details about Lopez Holdings Corp., please visit their website.