First Philec to launch green transformers

Mar 30, 2021

MANILA, Philippines — Lopez-led First Philec Inc. will launch green transformers made from 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable materials to help power distributors bring down system losses and reduce carbon footprint. 

First Philec president Ariel Ong said all metallic parts of the new transformer model are recyclable while all its non-metallic components will be biodegradable or recyclable.

“The new First Philec transformer model will not only allow our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, but it will offer the highest efficiency in its class and extended product life and use. These advantages will also help our customers save on their electricity expenses,” he said.

Transformers are equipment designed to help improve the safety and efficiency of power systems through their ability to adjust up and down voltage levels as needed by the power systems. Transformers are made mostly from metals, as well as non-metallic components like insulating coolants.

“The new transformer model will use an insulating coolant from natural ester, which is a vegetable-based and non-polluting oil product from renewably sourced and sustainably grown crop seeds. Any accidental release of the transformer’s non-metallic parts poses no risk to the environment due to its full biodegradability,” Ong said.

First Philec customer development head Luis Trinidad underscored the need for distribution utilities (DUs) to use energy efficient transformers as a way of reducing their systems losses.

“In our country, up to nine percent of generated electricity goes to waste due to systems losses. Each percentage point of these losses translates to over P6 billion in industry losses every year,” he said.

Trinidad pointed out that pilferage accounts for the bulk of systems losses and a big portion comes from technical losses caused by inefficient transformers.

Since First Philec will use a magnetic material known as amorphous core, he said the green transformer performs at a higher efficiency level and lower loss design than regular electrical steel.

First Philec, a subsidiary of First Philippine Holdings Corp. (FPH), was formed five decades ago as a pioneering transformer maker in Southeast Asia. It has so far installed 250,000 transformers all over the country.

It has two plants inside sister company First Philippine Industrial Estate, a special economic zone in Santo Tomas and Tanauan in Batangas.

“In many countries, standard manufacturing practice still relies heavily on petroleum, single-use plastic packaging, and other compounds as material inputs for transformers. Our use of environment-friendly raw materials and avoidance of plastic waste will mark a departure from this practice,” Ong said.

“The launch of this new transformer model will represent our company’s humble contribution to the new mission of FPH and all its subsidiaries. It is our own small way of helping the world turn into a greener place to live in,” the First Philec president said.