First Philippine Industrial Park briefs locators on Taal activity and emergency preparedness

Jan 22, 2020

Last January 17, First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) held a briefing for its 135 locators on the activities of the Taal volcano and on disaster preparedness.

Resource speakers were invited to dispel speculations and to quell the anxieties of the industrial park’s workers related to the volcanic eruption.

Dr. Loraine Pastoriza-Primaleon, a geologist from the Energy Development Corporation (EDC), shared science-based facts on the nature of volcanoes, past recorded eruptions of Taal volcano, and other developments on the ongoing eruption. Dr. Primaleon’s briefing enlightened the attendees on how the Taal volcano works.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ted Esguerra, head of EDC’s Emergency Management Team, shared emergency preparedness tips for a disaster brought on by a volcanic eruption.

While FPIP is located beyond the 14-kilometer danger zone, the briefing greatly benefitted the employees of the industrial park, many of whom reside in nearby towns that are included in the danger zone.

FPIP is the developer and operator of the 550-hectare industrial park which straddles the cities of Santo Tomas and Tanauan in Batangas. Its locators employ over 65,000 workers.