First Gen Corporation

First Gen Corporation (First Gen) is the primary holding company for FPH’s power generation and energy-related businesses. It owns and operates 30 power plants and projects across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with 3,501.4 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity. First Gen has the largest portfolio of power plants that use clean, renewable, and indigenous fuels such as steam, water, wind, solar, and natural gas. The company's 65%-controlled Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is the largest vertically-integrated geothermal company in the world.

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Energy Development Corporation

Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is the world’s largest vertically-integrated geothermal power producer. Building on its geothermal expertise, EDC has expanded its portfolio of clean and renewable energy sources to include hydro, wind, and solar power. Its 150-MW Burgos Wind Project, the country’s largest wind farm, was awarded Project Finance International’s Asia- Pacific Renewables Deal of the Year, among others.

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FP Island Energy Corporation

FP Island Energy Corporation (FP Island) designs, builds and operates smart microgrids which are powered by hybrid generation systems that make use of renewable energy resources such as solar energy and batteries along with conventional energy sources to ensure 24/7 power.

FP Island's maiden microgrid project in the islands of Lahuy, Haponan, and Quinalasag off the coast of Camarines Sur began commercial operations in December 2021. With a combined capacity of 1MW, these microgrids use solar energy, batteries, and back-up diesel generators to provide 24/7 electricity to around 16,000 residents across the islands. After the success of its initial project, FP Island is expanding its scope to include microgrid installations in off-grid island resorts, industrial parks and township communities. For more information on FP Island and its microgrid projects, please contact our business development team at  [email protected]